Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Social Writer

So since I decided three (??!!) months ago to really try to sell something I've written, I've joined, subscribed, blogged, and entered more than I ever imagined was even available.

I entered the Scriptapaloza Contest, and the Page Awards Contest. I've subscribed to InkTip's magazine, and have been put in their magazine that goes to producers, and listed both scripts on their site, (which I compulsively check to see who's reading my loglines), I joined an online course for how to write treatments, which has become it's own little world unto itself, I joined the New Zealand Writers Guild, and I get The Write Stuff, I love the forum, and have sinced also met with a cool writer's group in Wellington, and will even do a pitch night, I've started this blog, and Karen (friend in LA) and I have started Shrinking Violet Films, I get Storylink, and Final Draft's newletter, and I now have a list of blogs that I just gotta read.

Christ!!! It's wicked cool. Who knew that a writer could so easily become... social!? And the more I find, the more I find, if you know what I mean. People are passing on incredibly usefull info, and I now have more reading material than I know what to do with!

Which makes me wonder... how am I going to find time to actually be reclusive and write!!? I have a new story idea that I'm very excited about. Weekends were the usual time for me to write, and last weekend was completely taken up with the above. Plus, preparing for pitch night.

Next weekend I'll turn off the internet and put all the books away, and say hi to my characters, and close the door on the real world. At least for a day.


  1. Hi Lyse - congrats on the blog!

    I know what you mean about trying to find time to write when all the 'work around writing' gets in the way. A constant struggle really...

    I like your approach of just giving yourself some dedicated time. Might try that myself...

    Cheers, Sean

  2. Thanks Sean!

    I've realized that I do better at big chunks of time set aside for writing. Like a whole day. Rather than a little every day. I'm so looking forward to Saturday! I just have to alleviate all my distractions! ha!

    So, I guess I'll see you at pitch night after all!? :)