Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ready for the next wave...

It occurred to me today, that now that my re-write is done, I suddenly have spare time! I slept in until 6:15am today. Luxury. I had an invigorating run (read: struggle up the hill) with the dogs. I made breakfast. And what I wasn't doing, was working on my script. I wasn't reading it for the 100th time. Making notes, tweaking dialogue. I didn't turn on my computer. I didn't even go into the office. It felt strange.

So now... I plot. And send. And wait. And hope. And plot some more. And send some more.

I have some friends who are helping me plot and send. Bless their cotton pickins.

And here's the kicker. I think that the film making industry is ready to look at specs again. At original ideas. In case you've forgotten, "original" means something that hasn't been done before, new ideas, not a rehash of a comic book, a bad tv series from the 80's or a toy franchise. New heroes. New concepts. Out-on-a-limb, taking a chance, no merchandising made yet, stories. Ones that make us feel something more than motion sickness. Ones that (god forbid!) encourage us to think. Ones that the studios can't predict how much money they will make on the opening weekend.

I say that the time has come because there's been talk. Noise is being made about how we, the movie going public, and we, the ones involved in film making, have had enough of this regurgitated drivel. It was fun, it served it's purpose in a financially scared market, but it's time is up. We need to move on. We're starved for something original. Our juices are flowing. A new day is rising. Film critics, renown directors, and certainly writers are all ready for the next wave. Not to mention the public with their ticket purchasing power. And where there's a demand, there is product.

The question is will the studios change with the times and return to a more risky, but innovative approach? Or is there a bigger change a-foot in movie making in general? Will movie makers forge on ahead, as some have been doing recently, and make movies their own way? Without the studios. Here's two examples of two such director/producers. My humble hat off to both for their passion and their drive to give us something wonderful and original.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What happened to Wed, Thurs and Friday???

The days are starting to blend. I have to focus really hard to remember what month we're in. I'm gaining weight. It must be deadline time. Working 60-70 hrs/week now in my paying job. Feeling the pressure sinking in behind my eyes. 16 more weeks of this. Now, I'm not complaining... much. This is the wave in vfx. You ride it or get off. But I am having trouble finding the energy to finish the next draft of my script. That said, motivation is high. Aug 1st is the Page Awards next announcement for the semi-finals. Now, I've not got much hope for moving into that, BUT if I did, then I can submit a new draft, so being a good boy scout, I'm planning on being prepared. Plus, for extra motivation, my friend and producer is pushing me to get her the next draft, so she can push it. There's real motivation for you. So I plan to get my ass out of work at a decent hour today (yes, it's Saturday) and sit down at my desk, and lock myself away until the thing's "done" like dinner. The good news is, after an incredibly beneficial feedback session with my writing group pals, I have a very clear idea of what needs to be addressed. Gratitude abound. And the changes, if I can pull them off, will finally make me happy with the story I'm trying to tell. Good as gold.

Monday, July 6, 2009


What's your take on contests? Are they worth it? Do they work? How high do you have to place in order for anyone to notice?

I got my name on a contest website. Quarter finals. Top 10%. 4400-ish enteries. If I go any further, then I can submit my shiny new draft. If I don't, then I'm happy that it made it as far as it has. I guess. Well, not really. That's kinda bull shit. I want to win. God, I've entered a slew of contests this year, spent a small fortune, and I'm really not sure yet if it was a smart investment.

I believe that we are entering contest announcement season.

It has me checking my emails like a Russian mail order bride.