Thursday, February 25, 2010

A near miss with a critter in the night

I was almost upon him, the two eyes poking out of the trembling little curled body on the road. If I had of been daydreaming of the leprechauns in the clouds instead of the bugs flying into the headlights of my car, I would now be feeling the pangs of remorse of taking a furry little life. As it is, I swerved, missed the petrified soul, and in my rear view mirror, saw his stubby tail disappear into the night. I killed nothing. Except the bugs. But if I were a bug, and there was a chance at an afterlife, I'd be thinking of that as a favour. Onto the next life, I say.

I digress before I even start.

This is the first time I've felt like writing in months. Months I tell you. I wouldn't call it writer's block. I had lots to say (sadly, this is always the case, much to my fella's remorse). It was more of a lack of inspiration. No mojo. I could say something, but why? Who cares? Not me. Bladdity blah blah.

And then... tonight, I met up with my writing buddies. They get it. They know what I'm talking about. They encourage me anyway, and low and behold, I'm starting to feel a little tingle of mojo in my toes.

And here I am, blogging and can't shut me up. I'm thinking of an outline for a script I've been avoiding. One that I should work on, that in fact is already sort of past due, and I don't even have a main character yet. But I'm starting to think of one, and I'm feeling... good. Yeah. Good.

Thanks guys. You rock.