Friday, July 17, 2009

What happened to Wed, Thurs and Friday???

The days are starting to blend. I have to focus really hard to remember what month we're in. I'm gaining weight. It must be deadline time. Working 60-70 hrs/week now in my paying job. Feeling the pressure sinking in behind my eyes. 16 more weeks of this. Now, I'm not complaining... much. This is the wave in vfx. You ride it or get off. But I am having trouble finding the energy to finish the next draft of my script. That said, motivation is high. Aug 1st is the Page Awards next announcement for the semi-finals. Now, I've not got much hope for moving into that, BUT if I did, then I can submit a new draft, so being a good boy scout, I'm planning on being prepared. Plus, for extra motivation, my friend and producer is pushing me to get her the next draft, so she can push it. There's real motivation for you. So I plan to get my ass out of work at a decent hour today (yes, it's Saturday) and sit down at my desk, and lock myself away until the thing's "done" like dinner. The good news is, after an incredibly beneficial feedback session with my writing group pals, I have a very clear idea of what needs to be addressed. Gratitude abound. And the changes, if I can pull them off, will finally make me happy with the story I'm trying to tell. Good as gold.


  1. Hey, so sorry I didn't make that feedback session, but my days are totally blending together too (especially this week, which just seems like one very very long hellish day) and everything's falling out at the sides. Hope that you got what you needed at the feedback session and good luck on the job, crazy as it is!

  2. No worries Kirsten,
    Hope all's well... falling out the sides doesn't sound good. When are you shooting your short? Will you have a screening of it after? :D Good luck with your time management too! Stay sane. Lx

  3. Hey! How do I follow your blog? I don't see a place to "follow this blog" like I do on other ones...


  4. Hey Keg! I manage my list of blogs to follow in my dashboard. If you go to "customize" at the top right, and then "dashboard", it'll take you to your reding list (I think it's called). I've set up all my followings there. It also shows you new posts there too. :)

    Blogging is awesome! I still don't get twitter though, what's up with that... ???

  5. I was meant to be shooting this week but the location pulled out at the last minute so now I'm shooting next week. My 1st AD has swine flu. My schedule is insane and my crew inexperienced. Nobody has a car for the gear. But that's okay. I think.

    It's supposed to be finished mid-August, and I think it'll be screened at the end of the year at the Paramount with the other 5 Honours shorts. :)

    On top of that I am taking a Scriptwriting class and a TV Drama class. The scriptwriting class is awesome, thank goodness, and makes me gush about it on my blog.

  6. Love your blog! Didn't clue in to ever check if you had one.

    Crickey! You're sure getting hit with the crap for your shoot. But if you still think things are okay, then rock and roll!! All the best with it! Can't wait to see it at the Paramount. ;)

  7. Wheres the script class? Uni?

  8. If the previous comment was a question to me, yup the class is at Vic Uni, and the tutor is John Downie.

    Lucky for me the shoot is going pretty okay, the 1st AD has been back on set looking pretty spry for someone who's had what the media would like us to think of as a DEADLY HORRIFIC ILLNESS, and we've got 2 days left that should go good! *fingers crossed*