Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Lucky Star Diner

I am shining up the 1st draft of my next script. I am pleased as punch it's almost done. It's a low budget comedy. It makes me laugh just to think that I wrote a comedy. It wasn't the original intention.

It's all due to the online comedy class I took from the Screenwriter's U. It was a fabulous class, and it changed my low budget thriller to a comedy in 10 days. I highly recommend any of this guy's classes. His name is Hal, and although is personal involvement in the classes is nil, the material he gives you is gold. in case you're interested. The class is intense, and time consuming, but pretty freakin awesome.

Once my 1st draft is all shiny, I'll submit it to my two favorite competitions. The Page Awards, and Blue Cat, and see how it fares. Fingers crossed.

Oh, here's the logline in case you're interested...

When a successful Vegas businessman loses everything except a run down old burger joint to his bitter ex-wife, he finds out just how much can change in one crazy night at the Lucky Star Diner.

Write on!

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