Monday, October 26, 2009

Feeling like a Cliche

Today's a blue day. I'll warn you right now, my disposition is not sunny. It's raining, I'm tired, I have ground hog day syndrome, and yet, there's a burning fire of discontentment inside me that won't let me rest. I hate that. I want it to piss off and let me be content to try to live a mediocre, less than average life. But no. I have bought into all the crap that says "Live today as if it's your last." "Live a life of meaning." "Do something that scares you every day." "Shoot for the stars and land on the moon." "If you're going to try, go all the way." "Rejoice in the road less traveled."

Well f*ck yous.

Today is a day like many others. A day that will be forgotten amongst the endless forgettable days I have lived. It is not an extraordinary life I lead today. I have done nothing I'm proud of, or scared of, except maybe drink some iffy milk past it's expiry date. There are no stars to shoot for, on account of the gray overcast sky. And screw that road less traveled. No one's on it for a reason. It sucks.

I warned you. I get like this sometimes. You know, the whole, "What's the point?" argument.

The good news is that this too, as everything, shall pass. I will forget this forgettable day. I will laugh at something ridiculous, I will cry at something happy, and I will feel the wonderful amazement in all that is possible from one little life. I will be so bloody full of good cheer and giggles that you, and I, may wonder who the hell it was that posted this miserable drivel.

But not today. Today I feel the need to shit on optimism. I am enjoying pissing downstream (I'm blue, not stupid) in the winds of hope. Screw ambition. Ya, baby, feels good to be a lazy bad ass no-goonick sometimes. Where's that drink?


  1. Sounds like you need to go see a movie. I recommend Up in 3d to wash away the blues.


  2. "fuck yous"?

    "bad ass no-goonick"?

    my, you are Canadian.

    (and belated congrats on writing that tv show - was too green with rabid jealousy to write a congratulatory and collegial comment.)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, JW, but a) I may have had enough stereo crap to last me a lifetime after working on Avatar. And b) sometimes it's better to be UP to enjoy UP-type things. That said, if this blueness lingers, I shall give UP a try. ha!

    David, you crack me up. But I'd hold off on any jealousy. Unless complete story changes ("we like the character, just not the story"), multiple revisions and endless hours of writing something I potentially would never watch, all on spec - sounds like a romp in the fields of writer's bliss, well then, OK. Of course, if something comes of all this, then I shall be high as a kite, and hope is eternal, but for the moment, it's all pie in the sky. But thanks for the green thought! To be envied is perhaps even better than to be congratulated? ;)

  4. What a minute... Lyse, did you just, in some round about way, say Avatar was crap? I did see the 15 min preview and have an opinion, but I guess you have seen a lot more than me. Oh and, a dumb question, but compositing on a 3d movie, you didn't spend your day wearing 3d glasses did you? I am guessing no. Would be cool to have contact lens 3d instead of the glasses. One problem I think with the 3d I think is that the glasses feel like a window between you and the movie. And they dim the screen. Maybe alien races have a more advanced technology they could share with us, now if only we could make contact with them. Have you considered the possibility that dinosaurs are only extinct on our planet? How fucken cool is that???

  5. Jabber, you'd be surprised at how little I've seen. And you're right, I've only put on those glasses three times. I am holding my opinion on the movie, and the whole stereo craze, until I see it in it's entirety. But I can say that technically, working on a stereo image can be a total pain in the ass. So many different rules and issues. Cool in some ways, but at this point, I'm looking forward to a nice simple, old fashioned, single eyed show.

    Dinosaurs, eh? Sure why not. :)

  6. thank you JabberWocky for my next spec script: DINOSAURS FROM ANOTHER PLANET.